Miniature 1:12 Scale Pink Yard Flamingos for Dollhouse or Fairy Garden

I sell the miniatures I make on my Etsy site, and one of my most popular items is my miniature pink yard flamingos. I can’t keep up with the demand, so they are always selling out.

Miniature 1:12 Scale Pink Yard Flamingos by Thumbwick Miniatures

They are extremely realistic looking and adorable, if I may say so myself. They are also time consuming to make. I know that I am never going to have a business that pays the bills by selling just them. OK, theoretically, I probably could make about 30 an hour, if I really push it, and do that four hours a day, leaving the rest of my time to actually run my business. Then, assuming they all sold, after expenses, I could actually make enough money to comfortably live on. Very soon though, I would get really tired of making tiny yard flamingos. Making a couple dozen is really run and rewarding, but making thousands of them would be torturous.

So, I decided to create a miniature pink yard flamingo kit to also sell on my Etsy site, for crafty, creative people who would also find it fun to make them. This would also make them more affordable for people, because I don’t have to charge for my own time to paint their tiny beaks and eyes, and attach their metal legs. If someone only has to buy the kit and then invest their own time, then there are more practical uses for the tiny flamingos. They become affordable party favors, stocking stuffers and gift toppers. If the paint is sealed with varnish to make them waterproof, then they can even be washed and used as cake and cupcake decorations.

Miniature 1:12 Scale Pink Yard Flamingos Kit makes 12

When I buy a kit, I like everything I need to be included, so I don’t have to run out and buy this or that additional item. I tried to include everything one would need, but to include a pair of scissors or pliers would make the kit too expensive. I also think most people already own those items. I documented the process very thoroughly with pictures to create instructions which I hope are detailed, yet easy to follow.

Painting the tiny flamingo beaks in yellow

If you do happen to buy my kit, please let me know what you think about it. I’m always trying to improve, so feedback is always welcome.

Miniature 1:12 Scale Pink Yard Flamingos – one pink and one hot pink

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