How to make doll house corks for very small bottles.

Looking for fun and interesting ways to up-cycle all those wine corks you have been collecting? Sure, you could make a wreath, or a cool steampunk style bottle lamp, with the wine bottle and cork, like the ones I made.

Wine Cork Wreath
Steampunk Wine Bottle Lights

Here’s something new you may not have seen though: You can make tiny 1:12 scale corks for dollhouses and miniature scenes from full size wine corks with a few simple tools.

You will need:

  • A wine cork
  • A hobby knife with break-off blade or a razor blade
  • A 1/4″ or 1/8″ circle hand-held paper punch
  • work gloves
  • An emery board or about 100 grit sandpaper

Start by laying the wine cork on its side, and wearing gloves, use your razor blade or craft knife to slice thin (about 1/8″) medallion slices of the wine cork. Slide a cork slice into your paper punch and squeeze strongly to punch out tiny corks. Use your emery board to sand one end of the cork at an angle to push into tiny bottles, or use alone in tiny miniature scenes. Need more explanation? Watch the YouTube video I made:

Making tiny corks from full-size wine corks – A DIY Video Tutorial.

Check it out at:

Bonus tip: Cut a slit into a larger cork slice, to use as a table name card or business card stand. Happy crafting!

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