Custom Room Boxes


Find pictures of the room boxes I've built, and the ones I'm currently working on. I hope this page will feed your dreams and inspirations, as much as other miniature artists' works have inspired me to create. I continually strive to build my miniaturist skills to make each project more beautiful and realistic than the last.

Hidden Churchyard Book Box

Did you ever spend years creating a project in your head and then finally see it come alive? That is what this book nook-style box was for me. This was a birthday gift for my Mom and I can finally share it without ruining the surprise.

It started with an old damaged wooden mantel mirror that I got at a garage sale. The side boxes had doors that looked like a church, so I cut one of them out. I glued two hobby store papier mache book boxes together to make a larger box, decorated the outside and began building a scene inside. A bit more of the front book was cut away to include the wooden church door inside the cover.


Air dry clay was used to make the church wall: a stone texture roller gives the look. The bench was also formed from air dry clay. Then everything was painted with muted colors of chalk paint. A climbing rose bush and bits of moss were added to the wall. Slate stone pavers, grass paper and more moss are on the ground.


I painted a blue sky and clouds in the top of the box. Real dried Queen Anne's Lace was used to make the miniature flowers for the scene. I added a rusty bird bath next to the bench, and made a tiny red cardinal to perch on the side. 


Two LED lights give additional atmosphere to the scene: one is behind the stone church wall, shining through the faux stain-glass window, and the other is inside a black lamp post made from filigree wooden fan blades and a metal tube (made with the help of several online tutorials). 


It turned out very similar to what I had pictured in my mind - maybe even a little better. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shrink oneself, and spend a quiet day sitting on this bench, enjoying the bird songs in this secret church yard?


French Provincial

I recently finished a commissioned custom room box build. It is a large French Provincial/Chateau style box to house my client's beautiful collection of antique dollhouse bedroom furniture and dolls. I used my miniaturist skills to create plaster detail on the walls and ceiling. She chose light creamy colors with gold gilding and hints of green which I worked into the project. I also handmade an LED battery powered 3-arm chandelier and two wall sconces for the room. It has wood plank flooring with a walnut stain, faux french doors, tall windows and an ornate fireplace. My customer has given me permission to also post some pictures of her completed room box with her own furnishings. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Vintage Kitchen

This is my first room box. I made it as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, who has a huge rolling-pin collection in her kitchen. I made the 1940s style table from scratch, with balsa wood and wire. The top and sides are painted with acrylic paint and several layers of glaze to give it a formica look. I folded a strip of aluminum from a baking pan to create the metal edge. I used wire from a metal coat-hanger to create the legs, and glued them in place with E6000 glue. Then I created a matching stool, which I wish would have turned out a bit better. There is room for improvement on the stool.

A Visit to Thumbwick Toy Shop

This is a slideshow of the Toy Shop which I made and the items inside. The shell was a pre-made box which I painted and decorated. The dolls are also factory-made, except for the hat the girl is wearing, which I made from scratch. I turned a 10-light LED string into five overhead shop lights by doubling the string over and glueing them to silver-painted discs.

Fibre Yarn Shop

This is a room box I made for my friend to celebrate opening her new yarn store in Neenah, Wisconsin, called Fibre. She sells the most beautiful indie yarn and knitting, crochetting and weaving accessories.